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'Since my first contact with the business of transportation, I feel the importance and the need to transform this occupation into a profession. The very first thing to be done was to study the needs of our traders, merchants and industries who would depend on our type of services, and to know the changing needs to satisfy those requiring our services. With this in mind, we sat down and finally decided to form a body to chart our course, to develop, as well as to discipline ourselves.'

.....by the late Ho Shio Kwang, Chairman of the Association during the term 1973/74.

The Singapore Logistics Association was founded on 6 September 1973 with the name, Singapore Freight Forwarders Association.

It was renamed Singapore Logistics Association on 30 August 1999.


LEADing Beyond 2010


  • Awarded the LEAD Plus by SPRING Singapore.
  • Championed and coordinated the successful inauguration of the WSH Innovation Awards 2016 for Logistics and Transport Sector.
  • Completed the SLA LEAD 2 Programme.
  • Launched the Logistics Industry Career Guide Book with the theme "Let the World be Your Limit".
  • Renamed the e-Logistics/ Technology Committee to Innovation & Collaborative Technology Committee


  • Organized business missions to Indonesia – Surabaya & Jakarta and China – Beijing, Yinchuan & Xi'an.
  • Launched The Logistics Academy's own website TLA.EDU.SG on 23 September 2015 to facilitate a community of network amongst lecturers and participants.
  • Organized the forth series of Supply Chain Challenge launched on 06 May 2015 which concluded on 27 July 2015.
  • Upgraded the Membership Management System 2.0.
  • Revised the SLA Constitution with effect from 30 October 2015.


  • Launched the Supply Chain Challenge 2014 on 07 May with a new competition dimension with a logistics boot camp held over the weekend of 19 – 20 July at SIM University (UniSIM). 
  • Held the Young Logistics Professional 2014 forum in conjunction with the launch of Supply Chain Challenge 2014.
  • Held the seminar on "Reviewing and Enhancing Productivity of our Companies using the SPRING Singapore's IMPACT Framework" on 15 May prior to the SLA Annual General Meeting.


  • Celebrated SLA 40th Anniversary culminating to a Gala Dinner on 18 October.
  • Hosted the FIATA Singapore 2013 for the second time with the theme – "Springboard to Asia, Connecting the World" from 15 to 19 October at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.  
  • Launched the Inaugural Young Logistics Professionals forum on 14 October as part of SLA's continuous efforts to promote logistics as a career of choice amongst students.
  • Renewed MOU with SIM University on 14 October to seal another five years of fruitful collaboration.
  • Unveiled the publication, "Managing Logistics & Supply Chains Challenges: Singapore Insights and Perspectives," jointly put together by SLA and SIM University with contributions from 38 industry professionals and academics.


  • The Council of Private Education granted TLA a 4-year Private Education Institute license till 23 February 2016.
  • Signed an Agreement with MACS Insurance Brokers on 18 May to roll out a Transportation Liability Insurance Scheme that cover and protect members in their role as transport specialists.
  • Launched the national case competition, Supply Chain Challenge 2012 on 1 June as the next phase of SLA's industry branding efforts following the successful launch of the We Can Movement in 2010.


  • Commissioned Channel News Asia to produce a four-episode documentary on Singapore logistics capability, "A Moving Story", which was broadcast from 15 February to 10 March. 
  • Celebrate the men and women who make everything possible with a commemorative event, "A Moving Tribute" on 11 March. 
  • The SLA LEAD Programme successfully completed on 30 September.
  • Launched the third SLA LEAD publication, "The Practitioner's Definitive Guide : Process-Driven Warehouse Operations" on 18 April.
  • Mr Stanley Lim, SLA Past Chairman and Council Member, was elected as FIATA's new President for a term of two years at the congress from 16 to 21 October in Cairo.


  • Incorporated The Logistics Academy Pte Ltd (TLA) in compliance with the Private Education Act under the aegis of SLA on 25 February.
  • Launched the industry branding movement "We Can. Singapore logistics makes everything possible" on 6 September by Mr Lim Hng Kiang, Minister for Trade & Industry.
  • Unveiled the Singapore Logistics Career Portal and online Logistics Capability Diagnosis Tool at the 36th Annual General Meeting on 25 May.


  • Signed MOU with NTUC LearningHub on 6 May to prepare, launch and operate public vocational training and continuous education services for the general public and corporate clients, complementing the various SLA higher diploma, diploma and certificate courses.
  • Inaugurated a training programme under the Workforce Skills Qualifications, "Applying Teamwork in the Workplace" on 15-16 June.
  • Unveiled the 2nd publication under LEAD and 5th SLA publication "The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Safety & Security" on 20 November.


  • SLA Training Centre set up at SPRING Singapore Building #04-02 and launched on 25 August.
  • Announce SLA Scholarship to groom and retain logistics talents on 16 September.
  • Celebrated 35th Anniversary with a Gala Dinner on 25 October.
  • Signed MOU with UniSIM on 28 October to collaborate in developing the Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme.
  • Launched 1st publication under LEAD, "The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Warehouse Practices" on 12 November.


  • Embarked on LEAD programme on 1 October, comprising 11 projects under 4 strategic thrusts: Industry Branding & Benchmarking, Education & Training, Resource & Competence Development and Business Facilitation & Development.

A New Era - From Freight to Logistics (1999 - 2006)


  • Embarked on a strategic review exercise that gave rise to four strategic outcomes: re-engineer internal structure & processes, refresh image & branding, upgrade industry capability & business development; and appraise resource development.
  • Participated in Containerised Traffic System, a joint Local Enterprise & Association Development (LEAD) project together with Container Depot Association (Singapore) and Singapore Transport Association.
  • Signed MOU with Taiwan International Logistics Association (now known as TILSCA - Taiwan International Logistics & Supply Chain Association) on 27 October to cooperate and undertake activities with mutual benefits to enhance the interests of both organizations and their members.
  • Signed MOU with NTUC LearningHub Association on 8 December to co-launch a series of certifiable training courses for operation and supervisory logistics personnel.


  • Launch of the Transportation Specialist Legal Liability Insurance Programme.
  • Presentation of Study on Benchmarking and Ranking of Third Party Logistics, in conjunction with the National University of Singapore.
  • Launch of Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for the Logistics Industry with the Ministry of Manpower and Singapore General Hospital.
  • Inauguration of e-logistics TechForum.
  • Unveiling of "The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Seafreight Forwarding" - the second publication of the Association in December 2005.


  • The SLA's Automated Manifest System (AMS) - Logistics Facilitation Portal was launched on 19 February.
  • The 2nd revision of the Standard Trading Conditions was adopted at the 30th Annual General Meeting held on 7 May.
  • The first publication of the association - "The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Airfreight Forwarding" was unveiled in November.


The Diploma in International Freight Management was adopted as the AFFA Diploma on 6 December.


  • The Diploma / Certificate in Distribution Centre Management launched in February.
  • SLA Mediation Process established.
  • SLA management office awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification on 30 April.


The Diploma / Certificate in Integrated Logistics Management and International Freight Management were launched in August to prepare a pool of professionals for the logistics industry.


  • The SLA logo was unveiled during the Opening Ceremony of the Logistics Asia 2000 by Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister of State for Trade & Industry and Communications & Information Technology.
  • The newsletter of the association was renamed SLA Communiqué.


  • Name changed to Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) on 30 August with Constitution revised its to reflect its wider scope of representation.
  • SLA website - www.sla.org.sg - was launched on 1 March.

Making its Mark, Locally & Globally (1983 - 1998)


  • The SFFA Standard Trading Conditions were revised at the 24th Annual General Meeting held on 25 April 1998 to reflect changes in the logistics and freight forwarding industry as well as to incorporate the Electronic Data Interchange development.
  • SFFA embarked on the Integrated Logistics Asia '98, the first Asia-Pacific forum for logistics professionals.


  • Jointly developed with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) on a two and a half year Certificate in Business Studies (Logistics) to encourage young Singaporeans to choose freight forwarding and logistics as a career. The apprenticeship programme entails one year of study at the ITE followed by on-the-job training with the participating member-companies.
  • SFFA was certified as an Approved Training Centre by the ITE.


  • EDITRANS, an EDI transportation system that allows freight forwarders and shippers to exchange electronic shipping documents both locally and internationally, was launched on 28 November.
  • The SFFA Diploma in Freight Forwarding was endorsed by FIATA following validation of the training manuals. With the approval, all SFFA diploma graduates automatically qualify for the FIATA Diploma of Competence in Freight Forwarding (By Vocational Training and Examination).


The Singapore Accredited Registry of Multimodal Transport Operators was established to serve as a self-regulatory measure aimed at promoting the interests of the freight forwarding industry and other business communities.


  • Embarked on its first overseas business mission to Vietnam from 4 to 12 June with a delegation of 18 participants.
  • The SFFA Member of the Year Award was launched to encourage active participation from all members in the affairs of the Association.
  • A Standing Committee on Warehousing and Distribution was formed in view of the expanded scope of services provided by member-companies.


  • The SFFA newsletter was launched to keep members posted on developments.
  • FIATA granted SFFA license to print and distribute the FIATA Multimodal Transport Bills of Lading to members.
  • Graduates of the SFFA Diploma in Freight Forwarding gained admission as Associate Members of the Chartered Institute of Transport.
  • The FIATA Diploma of Competence in Freight Forwarding (by Experience) was awarded to accomplished forwarders from member-companies.


  • Focal point for education and training of the newly established ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Associations (AFFA).
  • The management office moved to its own premise at 51 Thomson Rd, 153B Goldhill Centre.


  • Admission of Associate Members for the first time following amendments to SFFA constitution at the 17th Annual General Meeting on 26 March.
  • Hosted and organised the 22nd FIATA World Congress. More than 800 delegates worldwide attended the congress themed "The Freight Forwarder - Your Partner in Logistics". Mr Tan Kay Hock, SFFA Chairman 1986-1990, was sworn in as FIATA President during the Congress.
  • The SFFA Diploma in Freight Forwarding was developed with the assistance from UN ESCAP and UNCTAD Trainmar Resource Centre. The first diploma was awarded to Mr Yeo Siak Choon.


A management office was set up at #13-314, The Plaza, headed by Ms Ng Soo Hwa.


  • The SFFA constitution was revised with the primary objective to promote Singapore's reputation for reliability, integrity and high standards in freight forwarding practice and management.
  • A set of Standard Trading Conditions was drawn up to spell out the commercial relationship between freight forwarders and shippers.
  • Vocational training was instituted under the leadership of Mr Ole H. Dyrhauge.


Admitted as a member of Zurich-based International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA).

Foundation Years (1973 - 1982)


The SFFA office was relocated to 16-B, Murray Street.


Joined Singapore Road Pro-tem Joint Committee together with Singapore Lorry Owners Association, Singapore School Bus Owners Association, Singapore School Transport Association, Singapore Taxi Transport Association and Singapore Cranes Association to address issues involving inspection of commercial vehicles.


Participated in PSA Quarterly Meetings to promote better understanding and cooperation between the haulage industry and the port.


  • Established on 06 September as Singapore Freight Forwarders Association with a membership-strength of 70 companies.
  • Located at 39-C, North Canal Road.
  • Mr Ho Shio Kwang of Sing Kwang Kee (S) Pte Ltd was elected the first Chairman.