Organisation Organisation

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Corporate Affairs

Terms of Reference:

  • Oversee corporate compliance and management of the association.
  • Promote SLA membership.
  • Promote awareness programmes to reach out to logistics industry at large.
  • Promote esprit de corps and greater involvement of members in the affairs of SLA.
  • Create opportunities for members and business associates in the industry to network and establish contacts.

International & Industry Relations

Terms of Reference:

  • Develop and strengthen ties with government agencies / trade organisations / international organisations.
  • Make representations to government agencies / trade organisations on policies and / or developments which concern the industry.
  • Oversee / review the mediation process to assist members in voluntary dispute resolutions.

Maritime Cargo

Terms of Reference:

  • Examine and address policy / operational issues affecting multimodal transport and international freight forwarding.
  • Forge close ties with regional / international organisations to keep abreast with industry trends and developments.
  • Conduct periodic review as guided by the bylaws governing the MTO Registry.  

Air Cargo

Terms of Reference:

  • Examine and address global / local policies affecting airfreight and international multimodal transport.
  • Forge close ties with government agencies / trade organisations relevant to the air cargo community.
  • Provide inputs to develop and expand training programmes on airfreight. 

Land Transportation

Terms of Reference:

  • Examine and address policy / operational issues affecting domestic transportation and distribution.
  • Examine and address issues with the ports to facilitate free-flow port operations.

Logistics Services

Terms of Reference:

  • Promote exchange and collaboration amongst members on integrated logistics business know-how and opportunities.
  • Forge close ties with government agencies / institutes of higher learnings / relevant trade organisations to promote best practices and service excellence on logistics services.
  • Create a platform for ancilliary service providers to generate greater synergy and contribute to the development of the logistics industry.

Training & Development

Terms of Reference:

  • Secure recognition and accreditation from the authorities and industries.
  • Create a neutral platform for diverse interest members and logistics professionals to gather.
  • Contribute positively to the overall logistics industry development.

Innovation & Collaborative Technology

Term of Reference:     

  • Creating synergy with industry partners and raising awareness on smart innovation and digital technology so as to benefit the members.