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Managing Logistics and Supply Chain Challenges

Strategically located in Asia, Singapore has built on its geographical advantage to become one of the world's leading logistics hub and a preferred location for leading manufacturers to establish regional distribution centres. Its world-class infrastructure, excellent...More info

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide : Land Transport

Land transport can be visualized as the veins of a supply chain, moving materials, products and cargo from one point to another inland. The key challenge for the land transport practitioner is the management of materials, products or cargo in such a way that they remain exactly...More info

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide : Process-Driven Warehouse Operations

Written by Mr Teo Kee Boon 1st edition. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the various processes of a typical warehouse operation. It provides the"how to" for someone interested in reviewing his own warehouse operations and highlights the key controls that...More info

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide : Safety & Security

Written by Captain Andre Khir - 1st edition This book provides extensive insights into the subject of safety and security, and is a good quick read for anyone trying to come to grips with one of the greatest challenges of our times. The Practitioner's Definitive Guide :...More info

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Warehouse Practices

Written by Bill Chua and Teo Kee Boon - 2nd edition Warehouses may be as old as trading outposts in the olden days, but warehousing has since evloved into a highly sophisticated operation that features prominently in the supply chain strategy. Here at last is a timely and...More info

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport

Written by Ms Cheong Yun Wan in consultation with Stanley Lim and Thomas Sim - 2nd edition Logistics providers often use ships, trucks and aircraft in different combinations when a destination cannot be reached by a single mode of transport alone. Now, here is a complete...More info

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Seafreight Forwarding

Written by Rachel Henwood In consultation with Tan Tee Hwa - 3rd edition Shipping is the most popular method of transporting goods today, with around 90% of all freight transported acoss the oceans and through man-made waterways. Now you can find out everything about...More info

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Airfreight Forwarding

Written by Ho Chee Mun - 3rd edition There is no text that encompasses all air cargo related issues – until now. This bookwritten specifically on air cargo provides a comprehensive framework of the conceptsand applications involved in airfreight, including the latest...More info