Managing Logistics and Supply Chain Challenges Managing Logistics and Supply Chain Challenges

Strategically located in Asia, Singapore has built on its geographical advantage to become one of the world's leading logistics hub and a preferred location for leading manufacturers to establish regional distribution centres. Its world-class infrastructure, excellent connectivity, efficient customs, pro-business environment, educated workforce and stable government have made Singapore a compelling logistics and supply chain management (SCM) nerve centre.


This book brings together logistics professionals, consultants and academics to provide a broad yet comprehensive perspective of the multi-faceted logistics and SCM industry in Singapore. The authors share their insights and experiences on how successful strategies and solutions have been developed to meet the logistics and supply chain challenges unique to their industries. The supply chains and industries featured operate in markets that differ widely in terms of the nature of products and services, product life cycle, customer demand, vulnerability and risk, and regulatory framework. An overriding thread is how they are continually adapting to the changing environment and using logistics and SCM capabilities to differentiate their competencies.

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