Mediation Services Mediation Services

Mediation at SLA

The Singapore Logistics Association has put in place a mediation process and to act as mediator whenever expressly requested by member-companies on the settlement of disputes relating or incidental to logistics and freight operations.



Documents required

  • A brief Statement of Case setting out the cases or claims.
  • Accompanying relevant documents and/or correspondences relied on by the parties concerned.


  • Administrative and support services fee for every Statement of Case lodged with SLA: $50 per party.
  • Token fee varying according to the amount in dispute:

Amount in Dispute

Mediation Fee Per Member

Less than $5,000 $ 200
$5,000 and above but less than $30,000 $ 500
$30,000 and above $ 1,000


Please contact SLA Secretariat at (65) 6499-9799 if you need any clarifications on the mediation process.