The Practitioner's Definitive Guide : Land Transport The Practitioner's Definitive Guide : Land Transport

Land transport can be visualized as the veins of a supply chain, moving materials, products and cargo from one point to another inland. The key challenge for the land transport practitioner is the management of materials, products or cargo in such a way that they remain exactly the same before and after transportation from the origin to the destination.


The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Land Transport provides a comprehensive coverage of the various processes involved when planning a land transportation network. It provides all the how-tos practitioners need to know in an operational environment in the land transport industry, where they face the challenges of ground-level and day-to-day issues.This guide presents a practical approach to the subject, blended with theory - just sufficient to provide basic understanding - and coverage on practical scenarios and activities.


The book includes topics such as :

  • Understanding transportation regulation and policy
  • Designing a land transport network to maximise profits and reduce cost
  • Detailed explanation of import and export procedures, as well as international transport processes
  • Managing transport delays and handling cargo claims
  • Planning vehicle deployment and load sequencing

About The Writer

Daniel Chew is multi-specialised in education, human resource, industrial systems, logistics, engineering and business management. He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Engineering from Monash University plus three Masters Degrees: a Masters Degree in Education; a Master of Business Administration in HRM and a Master of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering.


Still enjoying the 27th year of his career as a trainer, lecturer and consultant (TLC), Daniel is the founder of Chrysallite Education & Training Hub and is serving actively as an associate trainer in HRD & Education, as a logistics consultant, and as an OD consultant. He is also an adjunct lecturer with seven top private educational institutes. Daniel's teaching and training portfolio covers a total of 70 academic modules, WSQ competency based type seminars and enrichment workshops. He has garnered more than 5,000 teaching and training hours over the last 12 years.


As an industrialist, Daniel has served in positions of general manager, regional director, operations manager, senior manager, manufacturing manager and product engineer. He has worked for prominent companies like Apple Computer, Mitsubishi Chemicals, A*STAR, Keppel T&T, Gates Unitta and Richland Logistics.

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