The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport

Written by Ms Cheong Yun Wan
in consultation with Stanley Lim and Thomas Sim - 3rd edition Logistics providers often use ships, trucks and aircraft in different combinations when a destination cannot be reached by a single mode of transport alone. Now, here is a complete reference to multimodal transport: regulations and conventions, liability and insurance issues, special project transport operations and the alternatives when plans fail due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport is specifically written for freight forwarding personnel and those joining the industry, and also serves as a useful guide to anyone who needs to arrange transport for shipments. It provides comprehensive information on current practices, along with real-life case studies to illustrate actual field applications.

The book includes topics such as:

  • liability of the multimodal transport operator and its limits
  • combinations of transport modes (sea-air, air-road, piggyback, land-sea-land, among others)
  • special transport operations (delivering power plant equipment, helicopters, household goods)
  • insurance issues and excluded perils
  • thinking in alternatives – what happens when there is a strike or port congestion?
  • the conventions and regulations in force today
  • documentation (bill of lading, FIATA transport documents, air waybill, sea waybill)
  • the role of ASEAN

About The Writers

Cheong Yun Wan is an editor with more than 20 years' experience in book publishing. She focuses on consumer, professional and academic reference titles with topics ranging from travel, business and education to the social sciences, medical and psychological sciences and computing. Yun Wan is a firm believer in lifelong education and is delighted that her profession continually provides opportunities to explore new knowledge. The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport is her first foray into the logistics business, one of the pillars of today's global village.

Stanley Lim has been in the logistics industry since 1968. He is Deputy Honorary Treasurer of SLA and Treasurer of FIATA. He held the chairmanship of the SLA from 1992 to 2005 and was also Chairman of AFFA. Mr Lim contributes his time and experience in various government bodies and committees and is a member of the Customs Advisory Committee. He is a Resource Trainer with UNESCAP and also teaches the Multimodal Transport module of SLA's Specialist Diploma programme. In recognition of his significant contributions to the industry, Mr Lim was conferred the prestigious Public Service Award in 2001.

Thomas Sim is very actively involved in training and education development in the areas of international freight, multimodal transport and logistics management, and is Chairman of FIATA's Advisory Body – Vocational Training. He chairs several other related bodies, such as AFFA's Working Group – Education & Training, and SLA's Training & Development Committee. He is also SLA's First Deputy Chairman. Mr Sim's strong passion for imparting his knowledge and experience and his pedagogical instinct is evident in his representations of FIATA and SLA in numerous international programmes spanning Mongolia, Kenya and Ghana, among others. He lectures on Multimodal Transport, Air Freight Forwarding and International Trade Management in SLA's training programmes.

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